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Dauny – a great Swiss brand

In terms of material and workmanship, we make no compromises. Dauny down and feathers products are produced in Switzerland and our strict quality controls are always according to Swiss criteria.

Dauny offers the perfect bedding for all our customers’ needs. These vary in terms of warmth requirements, humidity during the night, internal balance stability, sleep quality, skin sensitivity and possible allergic reactions. Providing optimum solutions for all these requirements involves the use of different fillings that are always combined with the best covering materials. Finding the perfect combination of filling and covering material defines the fine art of duvet making.

Those who sleep well,enjoy life

Products and services

Dauny – pure quality of life

Dauny was created for people who appreciate the value of good sleep. High qualityduvets and pillows have a decisive influence on the quality of your sleep. And good sleep is the precon dition for a great quality of life. 

For: Those who sleep well, enjoy life.

Eiderdown in silk

Perfect luxury as you sleep

Exquisite eiderdown duvets, made under our Dauny label, are one of our house specialities. We are among the world’s leading manufacturers of the finest eiderdown duvets. Only the choicest down is flown in from Iceland, being sorted by hand with the utmost care here at Dauny, wrapped in the finest silk and before being sent on its way to our customers.

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A duvet with a silk cover and exclusive filling bestows you with a particularly luxurious sleeping experience. The combination of the exquisite filling and fine covering material results in an incomparably soft and cosy product.

Only the finest, the very best is good enough. We pay attention to every last detail, from production right through to finishing. Each duvet is produced entirely by hand with the greatest care in our Swiss atelier.

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The duvets are filled with particularly high-quality down – a wonderful snuggle down feeling.

The weave and the finish of this high quality Batiste guarantee particularly efficient moisture transport and the best air circulation. The luxurious feel gives you an incomparable sensation of comfort as you sleep.

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News & Innovations

Geneva Intermediate - "A wonderful snuggle cassette down duvet".
The cassette duvet is made with sewn-in baffles
(bridging bands) to create closed cassettes which still
allow free air circulation through the loosely woven
dividing bands – no room for cold zones.
The duvet is filled with particularly high-quality
down – a wonderful snuggle down feeling.
Soft Box Plus - "The elegant pillow".
An elegant pillow with gusseted sides.
A supportive core made of flexible small
goose feathers wrapped in a soft and cosy
layer of goose down. The ideal combination
of comfort and support while you sleep.
Etoile Deluxe Etoile Deluxe "A dream in silk – the finest hand crafting".
A high quality silk product for a unique and
sensual ex-perience. The filling is exquisite long
thread mulberry silk – the best of the best. The
mulberry silk is worked by hand in a timeconsuming
process to form a light and airy silk
fleece. This fleece is then covered in particularly
fine mulberry silk satin.

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