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The name BRINKHAUS has been synonymous with expertise and quality in premium bedding since 1847. Our company has always aimed to meet the highest standards in design and sleeping comfort. We develop, manufacture and market premium bedding with tradition, innovation and experience - taking care to respect the natural environment at all times.

With our selected down, the finest natural hair or allergen-free textile fibres, BRINKHAUS provides dreamlike quality for your home for everything from pillows to covers. Feel for yourself, you are sure to be impressed!

We are Member of the EuroComfort Group

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Brinkhaus Box Stitch Down Duvet Sapphire

The intricate hand-made construction of square boxes in the center using finest quality batiste holds the prime Hungarian down in position in the most important zone of the duvet. The sumptuous rim divided at strategic spots and filled to perfection, gi ves superb drape around the body for luxurious w armth. An imposing piece of modern duvet design made with skill and care for exceptional comfort.


Brinkhaus Duvet Tibet with pure cashmere

Combining lightness and warmth with luxurious drape, the TIBET cashmere-filled duvet is the ultimate alternative filling for those who do not want synthetics or down. Using the down equivalent, i. e. the soft fine undercoat hair of the Cashmere goat, we have created a highly absorbent luxurious filling offering outstanding heat retention and exceptional comfort.


Brinkhaus Pillows - gel neck support pillow

The combination of a temperature-variable viscoelastic core with a soft gel la yer promises a positioning which fits the form of the upper cervical spine and relieves any pressure on the shoulder muscles. Body warmth is absorbed slowly by the gel, so a constant and pleasant temper ature of the pillow core is ensured. An excellent moisture conduction results due to the modern net technology of the gel layer.

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