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KT Exclusive is a German company, which has been designing and producing high profile wallpaper and decorative drapery fabrics over the last 20 years. The exceptional quality of our products is well known worldwide and is increasingly popular in Russia as well.
Our speciality wall coverings pay homage to the preservation of tradition and the decades of knowledge passed down through generations. Our collections strive to make any space a striking showplace by incorporating splendid inks with the layering of raised
surface textures, precious crystals and classic design motifs, imparting a sense of richness, glamour and luxury.

Products and services

Authentic wallcoverings and finely crafted fabrics by KT Exclusive are the best way to create a personal home that reflects who you are, tells the story of you and makes your own space inspirational. Sophisticated, eco-friendly and entirely special materials and
decoration elements, such as appliques and patterns embellished with glitter, cork, Swarovski crystals, mylar, flocked fibers and embroidery, created with a lot of attention for detail, help to make every room refreshingly original with a sharp, contemporary feel.

NEW FALL 2017 / SPRING 2018! A comprehensive collection of truly exquisite and modern braids by KT Exclusive, which were specially created and coloured to complement the extensive range of KT Exclusive fabrics, will give added glamour and luxury to curtains, blinds, upholstery, and cushions. Like the perfect accessory, KT Exclusive trimmings supply the precious finishing touch to any soft furnishings or window

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